Jan. 16th, 2018


R U L E S / F A Q
MATURE THEMES. This game is intended for players 18+. Given the nature of InsaneJournal and its audience, we don't anticipate this will be a problem. However, it is stated here as a fair warning. This game does not exist solely for the purpose of delving into mature themes only. Much like the genre of science fiction, this game's purpose is to explore a futuristic, what it means to be human, and the consequences of abusing power taken for granted.

GAME LORE. All players have the opportunity to contribute to game lore. Science fiction is a genre that explores possibility, but remains in the realm of fiction. Some parts of game lore may not make sense in the 2017 realm of science. As a science fiction game, there should be some made-up idea of how science applies to make it possible. We accept loose interpretations, but refrain from delving into the world of magic. More importantly, the game will gradually build its lore, so it is your responsibility, as a player and contributor, to avoid contradicting what has already been established and approved by the mods. All additions to game lore is approved by the mods prior to becoming canon.

ACTIVITY. As of right now, the game does not have any set requirements about activity. However, we want to stress the importance of a game's health and a character's development upon activity. We encourage all players to actively seek out, participate in, and complete actual scenes. This world is high in technology, but people still interact with each other on a face-to-face basis regularly. Players found to be absentee and/or relying entirely upon technology for activity will be poked by the mods. Continuation of this behavior will lead to removal from the game.

THREADS & NETWORK COMMUNICATION. We ask that all entries are tagged with the 4 W's (WHO, WHEN, WHERE, WHAT) and then a rating. Use the NSFW/SFW distinctions, and give warning as to what specific contents require the NSFW tag (violence, sex, etc). Network communication should include standard information, such as if the post is going on a public server or a private one, and if private, to whom it is directed. Telecommunication devices are tapped into the network, and so text messages would be sent as messages sent on a private server.

TAGS. Tag your posts with your characters and locations. This keeps the game organized, and allows for easier searching on the part of the players who may seek to search for a specific scene or network communication.

CHARACTER LIMIT. Players are limited to 3 characters. They may apply with only 1 to start, and after contributing to the game and its lore for a period of 1 month, they may apply for another with the same waiting time between the second and third as before. We want to keep the cap this small due to the heavy focus we want to place on world building and interaction. We understand some players can play numerous characters with ease, but we feel this limitation is most productive for the game's overall well-being.

ORIGINALITY. We know it's impossible be completely original with a character, and we have a heavy reliance upon archetypes. That's perfectly fine, but this is an original character game. Characters found to use copies or amalgamations of fandom characters will require revision. Being original does not mean you are a special snowflake and have ultimate cosmic power. It means your concept is not taken from a licensed character or another character already in the game. That said, sometimes characters may have similar aspects in the history but you cannot claim someone is copying your character's concept if their character was adopted too.

DIVERSITY. We live in a world filled with multiple cultures, races, sexualities, genders, religions, etc. We will happily accept characters from a variety of these; however, we ask that players show proper respect and avoid of negative stereotypes of any.

PLAYED-BY. Please choose age appropriate PBs. If you are playing a character who is a teenager, use a PB that looks like a convincing teenager. The same goes for racial heritage. We use our imagination, but we cannot turn a blind eye to any form of race-washing.

DRAMA. Please, do not cross the lines between the OOC and IC. Players are to treat each other respectfully, and any found to be guilty of drama-mongering, back-biting, or behaving in a manner that drives players away will be spoken to firmly. This is not a reality television show and nobody wants to hang around people who spend all their time speaking maliciously about others. You're legally an adult if you join this game, so please, make the effort to act like one.

CLIQUES. This game is purposely limited with characters as a way to avoid the formation of cliques. Unfortunately, cliques still arise. The point of a role-playing game is to play with other people, not just with a small group of people. If you want to play with only your friends, kindly take it somewhere else. This game exists as a collaborative effort to develop and grow in a game, and we ask that players play with everyone as much as they can.


No. We believe that 3 is a good place to limit. Any more and the character count starts to become unruly.

No. We appreciate that some characters may have ideas on how it may be better, but once something is set in canon, it is canon. The only way to change it is if there is a invention that takes what is already established and builds upon it.

No. Right now we haven't introduced aliens or anything of that sort in the game. We plan to include aliens at some point in the future, but they will be more like the alien races of Bungie's Destiny (but not the Awoken variety).

If you have any further questions, please direct them to the mod box.